My 500 Blog Post!

WOW! It's hard to believe that this is my 5ooth blog post! And, I can't believe that I have blogging since October 2007! I have learned a lot these 2 years, but I still have lots more to conquer. Thanks so much to all of my subscribers and followers. Thank you for all of your kind comments and encouragement. There is so much MORE I want to do in the world of blogging.....but all in His timing!

I saw someone do this once and loved the idea, so I thought I would "steal" it! :)

In honor of my 500th post......50 things you may not have known about me (or wanted to!) chuckle...chuckle....


  1. I have been married to my honey, Brian for 21 years. We dated 5 years before we got married, so that means I have been with him for more than HALF of my life!! :)

  2. We have 5 awesome kids- Andrew, Ashley, Aly, Aaron, and Abigail. Yes, we are one of "those" cheesy families that name their kids with the same initial. Honestly, it didn't start that way....We loved both the names Andrew and Ashley. Then, when baby #3 was on the way, we loved "Alyssa" (our Aly for short). If she would have been a boy, she would have been Quinten. Then once you have 3 with "A", we had to keep going with the A theme so that any following children would not have a complex!

  3. I taught Kindergarten and 6th grade before staying home with my children.

  4. I have secret ambitions of being in a woman's roller derby league. ;)

  5. When I was little, I wanted to be a "Charlie's Angel" when I grew up!

  6. .....or a truck driver (thanks to the TV show BJ and the Bear).

  7. I was voted "Class Airhead" when I was a senior. They just didn't realize I am a "deep thinker"! Thus, at the senior class dinner, when the award recipient was announced (me) I didn't even know because I was deep in thought (daydreaming). I wasn't offended, though! :)

  8. I sign almost all of my emails with smiley faces! :) Love them!

  9. My favorite meal is STEAK!

  10. I don't like breakfast food.....

  11. unless it is Lucky Charms or Booberry...

  12. which of course I hardly ever eat :)...........

  13. I LOVE Glenn Beck

  14. I went to Illinois State University.

  15. One of the movies I remember most from when I was a kid is "Hero at Large."

  16. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Joan Crawford.

  17. I love art. I love to draw.

  18. I love to scrapbook.

  19. I don't do any of the three any more. :(

  20. I am adopted.

  21. I was in a "beauty" pageant in high school. (I know I can't believe it, either!) I didn't win, but I did get an award for raising the most advertising dollars!

  22. I love gum (and love to blow bubbles). I remember having DETENTIONS constantly in 4th grade for forgetting to take out my gum at school.

  23. I am a "24" junkie. Superman wears Jack Bauer underwear!!!!!

  24. I loved Archie comics when I was a kid.

  25. My dog, Taffy was one of the first dogs diagnosed with heartworm. Doctors were able to use her body to come up with a vaccine.

  26. I love American history. I was in a "history club" in 6th grade.

  27. My hometown, Streator, was "the glass capital of the world."

  28. I can remember watching "Lawrence Welk" and "Hee Haw" every Saturday night as a kid!

  29. I never like Chinese food until I was pregnant with Andrew.

  30. I love to the water......I can remember doing backwards somersaults underwater when I was a kid. I think my all time record was 13. OK....JUST 20 MORE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. We are Disney "junkies" visiting Walt Disney World 5 times now.
  32. One of my favorite places ever is the Grand Canyon.
  33. My middle name is Kay.
  34. One of my favorite books is "True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle" and
  35. "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry".
  36. The last book I read was "Just Walk Across the Room" by Bill Hybels.
  37. I am reading "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyers for the 2nd time.
  38. I love to play Uno
  39. and Skippo
  40. Monopoly
  41. and Life.
  42. I once stayed up to 4 AM putting together a Yogi Bear puzzle. I decided to NEVER again purchase a puzzle that cannot be completed within an hour or two!!!!!!!
  43. My favorite game when I was a kid was Clue.
  44. I once cheated playing UNO with my mom and dad, hiding cards under my bottom! I will never forget that and they don't let me forget either!!!!!!!!
  45. My eyes are hazel, sometimes looking dark brown while other times looking greenish.
  46. I went to a Rick Springfield concert when I was young...
  47. and the Police....
  48. but they weren't as awesome as the Newsboys who I saw last summer!
  49. I would love to go on a Holy Land trip visiting the places where Jesus walked.
  50. My prayer for YOU is that you know and love the Lord Jesus Christ!

Well.....there are 5o things about me. Many blessings to you!

5 thoughts shared....:

Mary said...

Congratulations on your 500th post! :) (I love smiley faces too)

So I must admit that the one item that intrigued me most was that your dog was used to 'further science' and a vaccine for heartworm was the result. That is so awesome. :)

Have a great weekend! I usually lurk on here. But wanted to say congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 500 posts!! That's HUGE!! Have a blessed weekend. :)

Debbie said...

Happy 500th blog post Tracy. I loved reading your list. We recently did the Bill Hybels study "Just walk across the room" with the videos. I loved how he made friends with unbelievers through common interests. I've read the Joyc Meyer book you mentioned. I too used to watch "Charlie's Angels". LOL.

It was fun getting to know you better.

Blessings and keep on blogging,

Leah said...

Congratulations, my friend!!

I, too, am a 24 junkie. I'm watching all the previous season now because I only became a 24 junkie in the past season or two so I've got a lot of catching up to do.

The Holy Land---now that is the trip of a lifetime. I went in 2006 and am planning to go back, perhaps in '10. Come, go with us!!

Have a wonderful day.


Oh, by the way, I can now hear your sweet voice any time I like. I've posted the message that I gave at the Ministry Online - A woman Inspired event on my blog and you did my intro!!


Kris said...

Congratulations!! How awesome! It's also great to get to "know" more about you!!