I am CHASING THE MOON at Laced with Grace today!

As I walked in the still, quiet air, I was delighted by God’s glory.

It was one of those rare mornings that the moon and the sun were sharing the sky. The sky was beautiful, with blue/gray and pink hues. There were clouds sweeping around the sun, making a breathtaking sunrise.
But, the moon was incredible!
It was a huge, perfect golden circle in the sky.

As I walked, I tried to keep that moon in sight. I knew it wouldn’t last much longer….the later it became and the more the sun rose would chase the moon back into its hiding spot.

As I turned the corner and went on my usual path, and as the moon made its journey, it was now behind me. It began dipping behind houses and trees, and it became harder to find.
As I continued to walk, I kept looking behind me, stretching my neck, trying to catch those last glimpses of the beautiful moon.

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Denise said...

This was really nice my friend.