Do you fear?

I want to share a wonderful prayer that my dear friend Donna wrote....

Psalm 27:1,3
The Lord is my light and my salvation...
He is the one I have chosen to trust in--to place my confidence in. I will cling to Him and seek His Kingdom and His righteousness...make it my aim above all else.
Whom shall I fear?
The fears clamoring to rob me of my peace and distract me from the course I have decided to take --they are my enemies! I will choose instead to trust in Him, follow His ways. I will not listen to or give place to the fear which so desires to engulf my being and immobilize my faith. My soul, hope thou in God!!
The Lord is the strength of my life...
It is to Him that I look for the strength, the power, the courage to live each new day --trusting Him to lead my steps and give me His wisdom!! Waiting upon Him, I receive new life, a renewed spirit, and strength for the day. I will not grow weary or faint (Is.40:31) for my eyes are on Him (Heb.12:1-2)
Of whom shall I be afraid?
Therefore, fear of people, circumstances, inadequacies, of failure, of the future, etc. will have no place in me. You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You! (Is.26:3) You, Lord, are a resting place, a hiding place, my refuge and my fortress. And with you I am more than sufficient for each days requirements (whatever life brings my way Phil.4:11-13)
Though an host (army) should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident!

Listen my soul, and take heed. Though all within me and around me may want to cry out in fear, I will look to the God of my salvation and I will not be afraid. Eyes of faith are not moved by circumstances, or by what is seen. They look to what is unseen. They look to the Promises of God. They look to the God of the impossible. They live as foreigners and strangers in this world for their real home is in Heaven. They are citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom. Their eyes look to a reward which is reserved and waiting for them in heaven (1Pet.1:3-9, 13). They live with their eye set on the hope before them (Rom.8:17-18)...the same as Jesus did. (Heb.12:1-4)

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Marama said...

I love the prayer. I need to hold that close to my heart! Whom shall I fear when He is with me!