Give a “little Jesus”

This Christmas, give a “little Jesus” everywhere you go!
Shine the light of the Savior to everyone you know!
Tell everyone about this incredible Gift and His amazing love,
Share the Light, the Hope, the Joy and the Peace
that only comes from Above.

Greetings, all! May you be experiencing the excitement of Advent as we are preparing our hearts and lives for the celebration of Christmas!

I was talking with Andrew recently. He is such a little evangelist- wanting to share Jesus with everyone and desperately wanting everyone he knows to be saved. I have watched him grow so much this year, as he is realizing he can’t “push” Jesus onto people, but has to “shine” Jesus, lighting the way to Jesus by his love, his actions, his words to others.

We have been praying for one boy at Andrew’s school for two years now, for his salvation, that he would come to know Christ. Andrew learned the hard way that he can’t just tell this boy, “You need Jesus or else you are going to hell!” (That was his approach in the beginning! Things are so simple to a child!) But, he has learned that he needs to build a relationship with this boy, showing him what it means to be a Christian. Andrew has been so surprised to see this boy opening up to him as Andrew shows him kindness. On Fridays, they have “Friday Fun” and can bring fun snacks and drinks for a fun time. Andrew brought this boy a Propel drink and shared his snack with him and you would have thought that Andrew gave him a million dollars! Andrew told about how the boy just couldn’t understand WHY Andrew was being kind to him. (The boy doesn’t have many friends.) Andrew is understanding- he shared with me that he knows he has to build a relationship with the boy, asking God to open doors for him and give him opportunities to share Jesus and Christian love with him.

But, what I have been explaining to Andrew, and thinking about myself, is that we need to give people the “whole picture!” You see, Andrew is in a place of “I want people to know Jesus because I don’t want them to go to hell!” But, what I am trying to help him understand is that is only part of our faith! Yes, as Christians, we have this wonderful hope of the glory to come- we have the promise of Heaven and living eternity with our awesome God! Hallelujah! But, that is not the “whole story!” When we have a relationship with Jesus, we experience this incredible hope, joy, and peace NOW, here on earth, no matter what our circumstances are! When we have a relationship with the Savior, we get a glimpse of eternity right here and now! When we are walking with the Lord, we experience true LIFE right now, and it is amazing, wonderful, incredible, and wild! What I am trying to teach Andrew is to tell people THAT, too! When they accept the Savior, they will not only “escape hell,” but they will experience never ending hope, unfailing love, abounding joy in any circumstance, and indescribable peace. Jesus is an incredible gift to share with all the world!

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