More lessons from a 10 year old!

A few weeks ago Andrew and I had a wonderful conversation while riding in the van. I love these talks because there are few distractions, his sisters are in the back, taking it all in, and everyone is "stuck" there- no one is going anywhere! We were talking about two other little boys, and Andrew was trying to "figure out" a conversation he had with one of them.

There is a little boy, we'll call him "Lost" who would be considered a "bad boy!" He is "trouble-maker" at school, makes fun of kids, is very disrespectful, is very mean at times, and is obnoxious and inappropriate. He tries to "shock" the other kids doing really "out there" kind of stunts, like licking other boys' faces, jumping on them and doing obscene things. Andrew has been praying for this boy for about three years.

Andrew has a friend, we'll call him, "Christian," who really DOES NOT LIKE "LOST!" Well, one day Andrew and Christian were talking, and Christian told Andrew that he hated Lost. Andrew told him that he shouldn't hate Lost. But, Christian said it was OK "because of the many sins Lost does." Andrew (which again blew me away!) told Christian that it isn't our place to judge to Lost. He said, "We do lots of sins, too." Christian couldn't believe this! He didn't do sins like Lost did!

Well, as you can imagine, what wonderful conversation came from all of this! I didn't know what to address first!

My first comments were to point out to Andrew that no matter how "awful" Lost is, Jesus tells us to love him. He says to "Love your enemies and bless those who persecute you." We talked about the verses that say, if you only love those who love you, you aren't any different than the "pagans" or those who don't know Christ. How can we save the lost without showing them love? Andrew commented, "I wish I had known those verses then!"

We also talked about "sins." And, though Lost's sins were obvious to everyone around, God sees our hearts and knows our hearts. We can look pretty good on the outside, but if our hearts our ugly, God sees that. We talked about sins that are doing sins- the "bad" things we do, the sins of NOT DOING something, when we know it is the right thing to do and God is telling us to do it. We talked about sinning in our thoughts. We talked about the sin of unforgiveness. Jesus COMMANDS us to forgive those who hurt us, so in NOT doing that, Christian is also sinning. And, we talked about how important it is to KEEP OUR EYES ON JESUS AND ON OURSELVES! We need to look at our own hearts, our own actions and thoughts- not others. And never think, "I am so good because I'm not as bad as that person."

We prayed for Lost again. I know someday that little boy is going to meet Jesus and it will change his life!

As I have thought about our conversations, I thanked God and praised Him for His wisdom. I felt so grateful because I don't have the answers- but I know the One who does! I thanked God for His Word, because it was His Word that came out of my mouth! And, God's answers are very different from typical "parental" answers. My first reaction (and we did talk about Lost's behavior. Andrew knows that it is wrong, and not to laugh and encourage him) as a parent is to say, "Stay away from that kid! He is no good. Where are his parents?! Blah, blah, blah." My reaction may be, OK, Andrew, you and Christian get in a little bubble and talk about God and don't play with anyone else on the playground!

Oh, sisters, what a responsibility we have as parents, "training up children in the way they should go." It is not easy! That is why I am so grateful for His word, like I said. These are not childish games, but this is life we are teaching our children. They want to know how to sort things out! They want to know how they should respond and react and live! Let us as parents give them Life- THE LIFE!, and Truth!

Father God, thank You, thank You, thank You! Thank You for these precious ones You have entrusted to us. At times, I feel so inadequate as a teacher/mother (especially when I struggle myself with a trial and the enemy is right there to point out my failures!). But, I know You are there to help me, to lead me, to guide me! And, I have Your Word that teaches not only me, but my children! God, we cry out to You on behalf of our children! We pray for their protection. We pray that You bind the enemy, in the name of Jesus, against every scheme the enemy would use against them. Lord, give us wisdom!!!!! Help us teach them and train them, reflecting You, Jesus, in our every thought, motive, and action. We praise You, God! Praise You! In Jesus Name we pray! Amen!

Andrew has given us so much to ponder on this morning!

Bless you all today. "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Go shine your light!

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